Morr Fit 12-Week Transformation Bundle

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Morr Fit 12-Week Transformation Bundle

Morr Fit 12-Week Transformation Bundle:

This includes BOTH the clean eating and workout guides so that you can transform your body and lifestyle! The transformation bundle is designed to shed fat, speed up your metabolism, and tone your body. You will also walk away educated with the skills and tools you need to stay fit and healthy year round with health as a lifestyle, not a fad or diet.

Morr Fit 12-Week Clean Eating Guide:

  • 12 Week Meal Plan
  • Weekly Grocery List
  • Recipe Guide
  • Email Accountability (weekly)
  • Customized Macro Nutrients (based on age/height)
  • For females of all ages
  • Tips to reset metabolism to shed fat more efficiently
  • GLUTEN and DAIRY free options
  • Recommended Supplements
  • MY nutrition SECRETS revealed
  • 94 pages

The clean eating guide is designed to educate and empower you, so that you can walk away from your 12 weeks feeling more confident, not only in your body, but in the grocery store. This plan includes food prep tips, metabolism tips, grocery lists, explanations of what you are eating and why, as well as a number of yummy, easy recipes to make your favorite “classic” meals; healthier. The daily meal recommendations are customized based on your body height and age to optimize SHEDDING FAT. This plan gives you exactly what to eat for each meal/snack with the option to make food exchanges based on your tastes. This guide also unpacks different types of nutrients, has supplemental recommendations and SECRETS of my daily routines that will help keep you lean year round. Designed for beginners or advanced. You will get a weekly email from me, @missmorrfit, checking in on your progress to hold you accountable and encourage you on your journey to get Morr Fit! 

Morr Fit 12 Week Workout Guide:

  • 12 Weeks of weights and cardio routines
  • Workout Calendars
  • Demonstrations of workouts
  • My Favorite ab activities
  • Stretching guide
  • Email Accountability (weekly)
  • Bonus PDF: Workout Dictionary (41 pages)
  • MY workout SECRETS to getting lean
  • 105 pages

      * Gym Membership Required

This 12 week workout guide is ACTUALLY a program I DESIGNED and USED FOR MYSELF when training for my BIKINI COMPETITIONS. It is designed to shed excess fat, increase your endurance, speed up your metabolism and to define your body. The guide includes over 26 different types of cardios, weight routines that change every 4 weeks and photos of how to do each activity. A BONUS to the plan is that it includes a separate FREE download, the 'Morr Fit Dictionary'. The dictionary is 41 pages with detailed descriptions and photos of each workout activity so you can have flawless form.This plan is designed for beginners and advanced. The plan builds throughout the 12 weeks. Expect to workout 4-5x a week. You will get a weekly email from me, @missmorrfit, checking in on your progress to hold you accountable and encourage you on your journey to get Morr Fit!